The Clawed Frog Picture Gallery

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The frogs in the pictures are Xenopus borealis.

You may use any of these photographs for your personal website or other non-business purposes. Using any of the photographs for business purposes is expressly forbidden.

Two clawed frogs skulking in the under(water)growth. Female front; male behind. A frog with aspirations to become an orchestra conductor. A male clawed frog. Note the black nuptial pads on the insides of the forelimbs.
A male clawed frog. Feeding time. Reflection at the water's surface.
A male clawed frog with eyes peering above the water surface. A clawed frog taking a sideways look at the world. A frog looking a bit weird.
Floating on plants. A clawed frog poised to do something...very soon. Smiley frog
A female frog making a mysterious hand gesture        The ballerina Eating shed skin
A female perching on a leaf...menacingly. A male trying to look small. Seven clawed frogs

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